Asymmetrical shape contours your feet for incredible edging over the big toe TRAX XT High Friction rubber outsole for maximum stick. Big toe knuckle box and midsole love bump helps obtain maximum stre..
FEATURES of the Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe Velcro Straps Velcro Straps ..
FEATURES of the La Sportiva Men’s Katana Lace Lorica lacing harness for an exact, no stretch fit Lorica toe box for optimum edging power Highly breathable tongue works in conjunction with the li..
Inspired by the inner wrestler in all of us who battles the medium of rock, the Luchador SC is built off of a slightly cambered last with a semi-assymetrical toe profile that allows for great control ..
FEATURES of the Scarpa Women’s Techno X Climbing Shoe Bi-Tension active randing system provides maximum toe power Comfort fit heel with low rubber tension Vibram XS Edge provides incredible grip..
These are the new and improved ultimate gloves for crack climbing. Thin rubber protects the backs of your hands while providing maximum sensitivity and friction when jamming. With durable sticky rubbe..
A full-fingered leather glove with breathable stretch fabric, designed for via ferrate and belaying. Imported. Goat leather and Weave stretch fabric Leather knuckle and palm patches with Kevlar stitc..
Product Description: GOWINGLD own it’s Trademark(Registration Number86970642) GOWINGLD company services to customers with reasonable prices. Material: Polypropylene,Nylon,Micro fiber,High temper..
Features: 1. The blue and black double design, both sides can wear.Breathable synthetic rubber foam,Neoprene material, can better improve proprioception, reduce sports injury. 2. Neoprene material can..
Hard impact protection Molded hard knuckle protects against extreme impact and abrasion injuries Reinforced palm to absorb impact and vibration when you are engaged Provide top breathable comfort and ..
Climbing Rope with PlatformsJungle Gym and/or Swing Set Accessories The climbing rope is one of the classic swing set accessories! Add it to your current swing set, climbing rope ladder, hang it fro..
About TigerKit: If you love swings, rock climbing and playing outside as much as we do, then you came to the right place. Here at TigerKit we take pride in delivering the best Playground and Swing Acc..