Magicfly Shoes Polish Kit-9Pcs Shoe Shine Care Kit.

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Product Description

Package Dimension: 24*7*7cm
Package Weight: 400g

Package including:
PU leather compact case*1 (24*7.5cm)
Hair polish*2
Wax polishes*2
Shoe brush*1 (12.5*4.1*3cm)
Handle brush*1 (13.5*2.8cm)
Metal shoe horn*1 (10.5*3.8cm)
Shine Cloth*1 (42*13cm)

How to Shine and Care for Your Shoes
1.Remove the laces from your shoes before starting to polish them. 2.
Clean the dirt and debris from your shoes. Debris can be embedded in leather if it is not cleaned off prior to polishing. For best results, it is recommended to clean your shoes with a cleaning wipe or damp rag and allow them to dry before applying polish.
3. If your shoes are dry & cracked, apply a leather conditioner (not included). Just as your own skin can crack and become dry, so can leather. Apply the conditioner with a clean cotton cloth and allow the shoes to completely dry before proceeding to the next step.
4.Apply polish evenly to the entire body of the shoe. A thin layer of polish will do it, but you need to make sure that it is evenly applied to avoid spotting on the leather. Let the polish dry before proceeding to the next step. Shoe polish should be applied with a clean cotton rag or the foam applicator. Use the smaller brush to rub polish deep into the area between the heel & shoe uppers.
5.Buff your shoes until they shine: First use the large brush; then use the buffing cloth in a brisk side to side motion for the final shine.

  • Practical: it is small, lightweight and durable. Stylish magnetic snap case is easy to carry and keeps things organized.
  • Easy-to-Carry shoe polish set is great for business travelers, military services or holiday travelling. Take it with you whenever you go to.
  • Neutral Shoe Polish: The neutral wax polish could use on the black or brown shoe! It suitable for any color of shoes! Pair up your shiny shoes with your perfect attire.
  • Great gift for men, spouses, your boss, dads, young professionals or special occasions like wedding.
  • The elegant shine shoe set includes a PU leather compact case, a shoe brush, a handle brush a metal shoes horn, a shine cloth and two shoe polish and wax polishes.