Ped Pens: Shoe Touch Up Markers

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Nicked kicks? Scuffed stilettos? Hacked heels? The Solution is Ped Pens: shoe touch-up markers. Who has time for the mess of shoe polish? But scuffed shoes aren’t attractive. With Ped Pens, it’s easy to instantly touch up scratches on shoes. Just use either the narrow or medium felt tip on one of three pen colors to fill in your heels and scuffs. Using Ped Pens is easy: 1) Determine which color is closest to your shoe’s color. 2) Use the narrow or wider end to color in scuffs and scrapes on wood and leather. 3) Do not breathe the vapors and avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. 4) If Ped Pens seem dried out, simply remove the wide-tip-end and add several drops of water to the long tube. Contains: 3 pens. Colors: 3 colors: dark brown, medium brown, and brown/black.

  • Quickly fill in scuffs on shoes
  • Easier & less messy than shoe polish
  • Each pen has both narrow and medium felt tips for getting just the right coverage
  • 3 colors per pack: brown-black, dark brown, and medium brown
  • If pens dry up, just open the wide-end tip and add a few drops of water